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Coolest KISS Songs Couple Costume

My husband and I love the rock band KISS. This Halloween we dressed as two of our favorite KISS songs … Firehouse and Black Diamond! For the Firehouse costume, I bought some red felt on sale and sewed the top and sides together. Then I just cut a hole for his head and unstitched the threads at the sides to made holes for his arms. I attached pieces of white and grey felt with felt glue for the windows and sign and painted the word Firehouse on a piece of felt. Then we painted his face to look like Gene Simmons’ stage makeup and added a costume fireman’s helmet.

For the Black Diamond costume, I bought some black felt and cut it into a triangle shape. I sewed the top and sides and then cut a hole at the top for my head and unstitched part of the sides to made holes for my arms. I painted stripes on the felt to make it look like the facets on a diamond with silver glitter paint. My hubby made the diamond head piece for me. He cut out cardboard and taped the pieces together. Then he used masking tape around this framework. He spray painted the diamond black and when it dried painted the edges with silver glitter paint. He attached the diamond on a wire hanger and wrapped it around a headband. I glued and wrapped a gold glitter ribbon around the headband. We thought of using Styrofoam for the diamond, but instead just used materials we had at home. I painted my face to look like Paul Stanley’s stage makeup.

I was going to just use fabric glue on the costumes to make it even easier, but didn’t have the time to let it dry. We actually made this Homemade KISS Songs Couple Costume in a hurry right before a KISS tribute band’s concert! We were a hit!

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