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Coolest LMFAO Robot Costume

I am a single mom of a 12 year old boy and he wanted to be last minute the shuffle robot off of LMFAO. So after work on Halloween I put together a robot costume made out of a cardboard box used lights for eyes Gold wrap paper wrapped around box. Red see through flower shop wrap for eyes and meshing for the mouth and so he can see through. There is another piece of cardboard inside with a cut hole and a bike helmet to fit on his head.

On the sides of the box are the robots’ bolts made out of cardboard as well wrapped with gold paper. His clothes we got – black and used gold spray paint. My costume just rummaged through clothes I already had and put together close what he wore. Got the glasses at Walmart took lenses out and bought wig. I Drew on facial hair with eyeliner. I dressed up as the bots side kick and we shuffled the neighborhood for treats. My son had a blast will be great memories for the future!

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