The idea for this LMFAO Golden Robot costume came from my 13 yr old son Kenneth and our love for music. It’s from the popular group LMFAO video Party Rock Anthem. He loves all eyes on him so we knew this would be a good costume to create. Just like last year for Halloween where we made the newspaper for scariest costume Jack Skellington which was also handmade. This year he wanted the same reaction. We didn’t make the newspaper but had a lot of fun and that’s all that counts!

Our material list for the head consists of: a medium sized box, bike helmet, glue gun, 3 styrofoam blocks (Michaels Craft Store), 2 plastic Hefty cups, 2 safety bike lights (Grainger online), black panty hose, 3m multi-purpose adhesive spray (Wal-Mart) and gold wrapping paper (Michaels).

For the outfit: 6 cans black & gold fabric spray paint.

LaLaLa (Heart shaped) Necklace: Gold glitter construction paper (Michaels Craft Store), gold chain necklace (Halloween Express).

We started with a medium sized box and a bike helmet that we bought at the thrift store. I used the hot glue gun to glue the helmet to a square piece of Styrofoam and inserted it midway into the box then glued the edges inside. I also hot glued styrofoam blocks on each side of the helmet for support so the box will not move much while wearing (see attached picture).

Then I spray painted 2 plastic hefty cups black inside, once dried I hot glued the flashing safety lights by the brand Husky to the inside of the cups. I used the large opening of the hefty cups to trace the lining of the eyes onto the box then cut the eyes out with a razor.

For the mouth I cut a large enough square to see through then hot glued black panty hose over it.

Last I sprayed the multi-purpose adhesive and wrapped the box with gold glitter wrapping paper.

For the outfit we found a jacket and jeans at Goodwill and Ross. We used the black and gold fabric spray paint and sprayed stripe-like lines across the outfit. I made the necklace out of construction paper, drew the heart from a picture I got online and eyeballed it from there. Then I cut it out and laminated it so it will not rip easily, punched two holes at the top and inserted necklace through to hold.

We also added golden headphones and hooked it up to an ipod and played Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. The total cost for the costume was around $65 and took about a week to make. This was a fun project for my son and I and it turned out great!

I must give credit and thanks to Chekkis from Youtube for the ideas.