After googling images, my friend and I put together our version of LMFAO costumes. I bought some zebra print pants from a Halloween store and painted their shuffling logo on a black shirt with puffy paint. My friend bought her LMFAO tshirt and wore bright leggings. Of course we had to top it with curly hair and obnoxious glasses.

To finish the look, we sprayed glitter into our hair and our outfits. The hardest part was waiting for the paint on my shirt to dry. Being a procrastinator, I started the outfit the day of and had to go out with somewhat wet paint on my shirt. The best part was people’s reactions at Illinois State. Students would shout compliments to us from across the street. They got such a kick out of it at parties especially when one of LMFAO’s songs came on. If only we knew how to shuffle.