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Coolest Redfoo LMFAO Costume

I’m a fan of lmfao. So this year I decided to make a Homemade Redfoo LMFAO Costume. I first did some research on what he likes to wear. He seems like to wear semi 80’s type clothing with a little hip hop style to it. As a result, I got myself purple tight pants (women’s size), black shirt with white picture, heavy silver chain around my neck, and leopard blue belt and purple converse.

Along with dark tan hair wig, got myself a pair of white glasses with dollar sign printed on it. And for make up, I used womens’ eyebrow coloring to shade up my chins and side burns to have that shaggy look. I focused more on his facial features to make it look more like him. When I finished, everyone seemed to like how I looked and said I was pretty close to how Red Foo looked like.

Since this was my very first time for me I was pretty proud of myself! I took a picture of the real Red Foo next my face to show you how close I got.

Homemade Redfoo LMFAO Costume

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