Gene Simmons Costume by Tommy H., Brookwood, AL

First, I learned how KISS put on their make up and what type they use. I made the rest by buying different parts at thrift stores and ebay.

I met Gene Simmons in person back last year and he told me how they did their make up and I promised him that I would not reveal how they do it. But I can say the white make-up is not that standard stuff you buy at the Halloween make-up stores, Wal-Mart or K-Mart.

One main tip is that you put the white on and then using baby powder gently pad down the white until the powder makes it dry. Then outline and fill in the black.

Total Spent: $250

Awesome Gene Simmons Costume

Costume by John B., Orillia, Ontario

Homemade Gene Simmons Costume

Well it all started with my wife suggesting a Gene Simmons costume for my son’s Halloween costume last year. After mulling it over I started paper machining and my wife hit the second hand stores. She came home with a wig, a black shirt and a pair of boots. I did the shoulder spikes and armor out of paper Mache and cardboard over a glass bowl about his size. After a few coats of paper I cut it in half then I took some coffee cups and cardboard and mached him arm spikes.

The chest armor is just four pieces of cardboard connected by pipe cleaners (really good connectors, my wife’s idea). All this done we decided that we needed the dragon scale boots. I used a cereal box and many cut out pieces of cardboard started at the top and paper mached the whole thing together. Then I carefully wrapped them around the boots. Also I put skull cappers on the boots by wrapping them in food wrap and using toilet paper and tape. I made skull and teeth shapes to Mache over.

For his belt I cut out some cardboard, stuck some marbles in a piece of tin foil and mached the whole thing together For the guitar I cut the axe shape out of cardboard and covered it in … you guessed it paper Mache! The painting was much easier, just a can of silver spray paint.

We did up his face, put the Gene Simmons costume together. Then he walked around singing “I want to rock and roll all night…and party every day!”

My secret paper Mache recipe: 2 cups water, 1 cup flour, 2 teaspoons salt (to prevent mold), 3 teaspoons white glue.

Total Spent: $20

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