When I finally decided to make my son Gene Simmons around the beginning of October I thought I better get started! My brother in law helped me with the shoes for this costume we made them out of styrofoam. He got two cubes of styrofoam to glue together to be big enough to be able to fit over a shoe and the he began sculpting out the “demon” face in the shoe. After he cut both shapes he covered them in bondo and we spray painted them and did the eyes and teeth with some “slick” fabric paint. Worked really well..

While he was getting that done I started working on the scaly part of the shoes. I made this just from some foam paper they sell at Walmart. I just cut half ovals out and glued them overlapping to an old pair of pants of his.

For the shield: I had found a shield at a Goodwill to some kind of knight costume and used that as a base for Gene Simmons shield. I just got plain white construction paper spray painted it silver and glued some buttons on it.

As for the “Leather Underwear” I used an old pair of his tidey whities and got a sheet of black duct tape to tape to them and also glued some buttons on those I had to cut the back of the Underwear for him to be able to actually get them on. But I just used an old shoe string to lace them up. As for the shirt I found an old “choppers” costume shirt that had some spikes on the shoulders and used that as his shirt. I made some shield like arm peices out of construction paper spray painted silver and also made some spikes to go on it as well.

The cape was just an old batman cape we had here at the house that we cut into shape and stuck some little gems we bought at a Hobby Lobby. The wig was just a “rocker wig” we found at Walmart.

And I just Googled an image of Gene Simmons face paint and I used basic black and white face paint from Walmart to paint his face. The whole processes from start to finish took about 2 weeks. But we weren’t working on it everyday.

All in all he had a great day trick or treating. He loved all the compliments he got! I’ve made his costumes for him the past 4 years, he has been Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, the Joker and now Gene Simmons!