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Coolest Gene Simmons Child Costume

Costume was designed around my 8 year old daughter’s long tongue. I knew she would be a great Gene Simmons. Making the costume took some time and thought. I used thin cardboard cut out in a scalloped design over and over and glued and stapled them all together and painted silver to make the scales on the shins. I used staples and Velcro straps to hold them around her leg. The cape was a dracula cape that was trimmed and painted black to make the bat wings and I pinned it to the wrists.

The hair was sprayed with black hair coloring and pulled up with the fountain on top. The belt was a womans fashion belt I found at a thrift store. The arm bands and chest cover were a ninja costume that I modified and painted silver. The spikes were rubber spike collars I bought and cut and velcro’d together and put on the wrists and on the shoulders. The boots were sneakers that I wrapped in duct tape and drew the snake face on with a permanent marker. Put on a black pair of pants and shirt under the costume. The face was all me. I used black and white stage make up. I used a black eyeliner pencil to outline the shapes and around the eyes and mouth. after applying the white I dabbed with baby powder to set it. Paint the finger nails black and you are done!

She was a hit in this Homemade Gene Simmons Child Costume at school and out and about for Halloween.

Homemade Gene Simmons Child Costume

Homemade Gene Simmons Child Costume

Homemade Gene Simmons Child Costume

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