I have always been a rocker at heart and an especially BIG fan of KISS. So when I was invited to a last minute Halloween party, I knew this was the costume for me!

For accessories, I went to the local Halloween Express. purchased the wig, skull belt, fingerless gloves, and 2 skull rings. The black T-shirt came from Walmart and the pants, shoes, and leather jacket were already mine. Makeup was simple clown makeup from Kroger.

I have to say that the makeup was the most challenging part. I watched several YouTube makeup tutorials and my girlfriend (also my date for the party) helped me to put it on. To set it for the long night, I used baby powder on the white base. The demon outline was done using an eyeliner pen. Allow at least an hour to an hour and a half to get a good application and design. Also let white base dry with powder before applying black mask.

Walking into the party was quite an experience! People I have known and worked with for a long time had no idea who I was! It was definitely a big hit. Many compliments and people stopping us to request pictures. On the way home, stopping for gas was a similar experience. This was certainly a night to remember!