Our Office Halloween Tribute to Prince

We are fans of the late great Prince, and so we decided to decorate our office to go along with our Prince themed costumes.  We turned our office into a hall of fame type tribute to Prince. It was complete with gold and platinum albums and pictures of Prince over time. So, we had purple rain clouds, doves, raindrops and diamonds and pearls. In addition, we also had song lyrics adorning our walls and cubicles.  The records were fun and easy to make. First we spray painted old records with metallic paint. Then we glued them to black poster board. And after that we Googled looking for pictures of the centers of the original records in order to then print those on sticker paper.

Ideas for Homemade Prince Themed Costumes

For our costumes, we had our Prince (of course), and the rest of us choose Prince songs as our homemade costumes. They were: a little red corvette, a dove (with teardrop makeup), a kiss, a raspberry beret, purple rain, purple ‘reign’, diamonds and pearls, party like it’s 1999, the symbol, and that shrink from Beverly Hills – you know the one – Dr. Everything’ll B. Alright.

Constructing our DIY Costumes

In order to construct our costumes, we used basic material such as cardboard for the kiss and corvette (made with caster wheels). Also, we had scrubs which we got from a hospital supply and other clothes that we found on the web (for the queen, Prince and the beret). Everyone had the freedom to come up with a DIY costume that matched their song.

Reactions to our Prince Themed Costumes

The costumes were extremely well-received, as everyone seems to have loved his music!  We won both best decorated department and best group costume at our company’s Halloween contest!