Cool Homemade Prince Halloween Costume for My Grandson

Prince Halloween Costume

I was super excited about this costume. I googled some ideas but didn’t see a whole lot of inspiration, and my sister had sent me a picture that kinda inspired me. I’m a huge Prince fan (probably one of the biggest ones) lol I’ve done Prince Derby hat contests, Prince Christmas trees, I sing Tons … Read more

Coolest Purple Rain Costume

Coolest Purple Rain Costume

My friend wanted her son to be Prince for Halloween and asked me to come up with something for her. I went to the Salvation Army army and found a pair of purple XL PJ pants made from velvet that were perfect for the jacket! I went home and cut it up and hot glued … Read more

Prince Themed Homemade Costumes and the Coolest Office Ever!

prince themed costumes

Our Office Halloween Tribute to Prince We are fans of the late great Prince, and so we decided to decorate our office to go along with our Prince themed costumes.  We turned our office into a hall of fame type tribute to Prince. It was complete with gold and platinum albums and pictures of Prince over … Read more

Cool Prince Purple Rain Costume

As a huge Prince fan, I wanted to make sure I got all the details perfect. Starting at the bottom: black velvet stretch pants with half-V front panel with buttons.  A total of 21 buttons highlight the front half-V and down the sides of the pants. The shirt has long sleeves with ruffled cuffs, high … Read more

Homemade Prince Costume

I had such an awesome time wearing this costume. I am a girl and I don’t think even my friends knew who I was for like an hour. I won the costume contest that night for this one. One of my favorite parts of the night was when some strippers started fighting and I screamed … Read more

Coolest Prince Costume

(The artist formerly known as) Prince Costume

I grabbed a lady’s suit from what must’ve been the 80s, a curtain, a button-down shirt and some rubber boots at a thrift store. Picked up some cardboard from the local supermarket, and some wire, glitter, glue, clips, paint and tacks from a craft store, all for this Prince costume. Since I couldn’t find a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Prince Costume

Homemade Prince Costume

I love Prince. i found this one piece suit in my mom’s closet, she claims it used to be hot. I sprayed some boots, cut a guitar out of plywood with a jigsaw. This Homemade Prince Costume was pretty straightforward.