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Cool Prince Purple Rain Costume

As a huge Prince fan, I wanted to make sure I got all the details perfect.

Starting at the bottom: black velvet stretch pants with half-V front panel with buttons.  A total of 21 buttons highlight the front half-V and down the sides of the pants.

The shirt has long sleeves with ruffled cuffs, high neck with ruffles down the front.  The over coat is calf length and is made of purple satin, fully lined with purple polyester,  the shoulders have epaulets with buttons as do the sleeves of the coal.  The right shoulder has a piece of fabric with over 200 pyramid silver studs. The right chest area has a pocket with a handmade hankie with lace.

It took almost 3 months to make with a pattern for the base of the coat.  The additions were added by myself.  It was a very fun time to make but very frustrating to accomplish.  I was trying to mimic Prince of Purple Rain.  The total cost of the whole outfit was about $50.00.  My son is wearing the costume!

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