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Homemade Prince Costume

I had such an awesome time wearing this costume. I am a girl and I don’t think even my friends knew who I was for like an hour. I won the costume contest that night for this one. One of my favorite parts of the night was when some strippers started fighting and I screamed “This is what is sounds like when doves cry!”

Hat:$20 Ebay

Gloves:$4 Ebay

Boots:$15 Ross

Studs for Jacket:Took off and old belt and applied each one by hang while watching Purple Rain so I could make sure the placement was as similar as possible.

Pants:$5 on Clearence Ganga clothing store

Jacket:$6 Good Will

Lace Curtain Fabric: $1.50 Value Village Thrift store. I just hot glued this inside of the sleeves. I also used hot glue to make the neck piece and glued a little button I already had on it when done.

Purple Bandana: 99 cent store

Necklace: I made this out of dough that I made out of flour and water. I cut it from the dough with a razor knife, baked it and then spray painted it gold. The chain was from the 99 cent store.

I used eyeliner and maybe some black eyeshadow to do the facial hair.

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