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A DIY Costume Paying Homage to Prince Roger Nelson , Singer, Songwriter

Upon learning about Prince suddenly passing away, my son decided that it was only proper that he pay homage to the fallen Prince by having this costume made by me, his Mom. Together we decided that “Purple Rain “, would be the deciding factor.  So many pictures of Prince to choose from.  My son wanted a picture that had elegance and class.

My son wanted the costume to be as exact as possible!  Due to finances, he also sated that he was on a “Kool-Aid” budget!   After researching for two weeks, on the web and at local Second Hand stores for suitable items,  we were finally ready to commence the project.

The jacket is made of polyester, purple satin calf length.  The right shoulder placard has over 200 chrome plated , steel studs.  The right side of the jacked has a welted pocket with a handmade hankie with lace in the pocket.  There are epaulettes on the shoulders and on the sleeves adorned with buttons that look like miniature chrome plated studs.  There is a belt with a chrome plated rhinestone belt buckle.  The shirt has pearl buttons down the front.  The collar is very high.  The front of the shirt has four rows of ruffling.  The cuffs have 1/12 inch long ruffling as well.  Several times I had to go back to the “drawing board” to get it “Just Right:”!

The trousers are made from pane velvet. There is a half V placard on the front..The waistband is 6 inches high and has 2 buttons on the front.  The placard on the trouser has 4 buttons.  The side of the trouser has buttons every four inches starting at the crotch line to the hem of the pants.  On the jacket I used ten button,  On the trousers I used  21 buttons. The buttons used on the jacket and trousers ALL match. They were all sewn by hand, too!

It took four long, hard months to produce this costume!  I even surprised myself with the final rendition.  Needless to say, I’m  one HAPPY MAMA!  My sons first reaction was one huge Smile and falling onto his knees!  He is one Happy Camper!

He and his girlfriend competed, just this past Friday, at the local bar and WON 1st Place!  

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