It started off as an idea last month after I went to see KISS live at the Comcast Center in Massachusetts with my good friend. I thought, you know, I’d love to dress up as him this year. So after conducting a Facebook poll with my friends, I decided I would make a Paul Stanley Destroyer costume. Little did I know how much effort I’d need to make it.

What started off fairly simple ended up being one of the most fun and entertaining, yet thoroughly difficult things I ever had to do. I started by getting as many references as possible from different places about his costume as far as its material and design. I found a really great website that documents all of the costumes worn by all members of KISS over the years – even the earliest ones. Once I had the reference images, I then went on eBay and started ordering what I’d need – a full bodysuit with sleeves, rhinestones (of course, I ordered the smallest ones there were, not really realizing how much work I’d have ahead of me) as well as platform boots, some paint, and everything else I needed.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the cheapest or quickest costume to make, as my 15 hours worth of work will tell you, however, as it stands, everyone has loved my costume and I’m really proud of the body of work I’ve put into it. I began making it by having my neighbor help me cut the chest out of the body suit, and then I started gluing the rhinestones around the neck and chest line. I then used chalk to draw out the rest of the design on my body (since the costume stretches, I found it made a better reference to draw while it’s on the body). Then I basically took each rhinestone and placed in on the costume by hand – I ended up using over 5,000 rhinestones on the costume. This part took me almost 12 hours to complete, since the stones were so small and the design so intricate (though, I do wish I’d gotten bigger stones, it might have taken less time).

I looked at some references for the choker he wore, and I ended up cutting up a belt that I used to have, bought some snaps at Michael’s, and made one of his many chokers. I’d say it took me no more than an hour to make. And when I got the boots, I painted them with silver paint on the platforms and heels, and then added stones down the side of them. This part took me around 2 hours to do.

I went out the last few nights and everyone has loved it. I’ve taken countless pictures, met some really neat people, and they all say the same thing. Considering the quality of the costumes you can buy online, I think the one I made is pretty darn close. Considering that it’s homemade, I’ve really wow’ed a lot of people.