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Gorgeous Sun and Moon Costumes

My daughter and niece wanted to be something beautiful and extravagant and decided to be the Sun and Moon this year so we sketched out our design and got started creating these awesome costumes. Our biggest task was how we were going to make the big back pieces and make them not look “connected” to their bodies. We thought of several different ways but, ultimately decided to use expanding foam to create the back pieces and face masks.

We used a hula hoop and just sprayed the circle with the foam. Once it completely dried, we added to and cut away for the moon to create the shape we wanted for each. We started with a basic mask from Hobby lobby and then cut a circle out of thick poster board for the moon and taped it to it and we taped skewers to the mask for the sun.

Once we had each shape, we sprayed the foam over just the shapes we created (not on the mask, just to the edge of the mask) and let it dry. We then just cut any excess off and then we spray painted both the masks and back pieces with metallic gold and silver. We also added a little paint to the masks and fake eyelashes.

The photos don’t show it, but, we also added LED lights that were wrapped around the back pieces so they lit up at night. We just cut a small hole in the bottom of the sun and moon back piece for the LED battery packs. We wrapped 9 mm wire around the bottom creating a “U” shape so we could attach the back piece to a back corrector back brace that had inserts , so the wire just slipped straight down into the back brace and held the back pieces in place.

To finish off the back pieces, we got 3 headbands each and pushed them into the top of the foam. We hot glued sun earrings to the sun headpiece and made moons with Hot glue to add to the Moon headpieces. The back pieces went under their dresses.

We bought spaghetti strap gold and silver metallic dresses from Shein for $12 and created an exaggerated look to it by using sparkly glitter material that we bought for $3.99 each for 3 yards in a pack. We just let it gather and attached them to an applique to hang from their shoulders which we attached using a hair bow clip. We topped these off by spray painting some flat black shoes so they were complete gold and silver.

We also created a staff using a $4 PVC pipe. I used hot glue to create a platform to hold the LED globe. then I cut 2 long pieces of the 9mm wire and hot glued it to that platform- it created a dome shape to hold the globe. I cut 2 small holes in the center of that platform and cut a long piece of the wire and put it through those 2 holes so they were just hanging down long. Then I pushed those 2 long wires down the PVC pipe to hold in on.

Probably confusing instructions lol, but, it worked and they looked perfect! Tons of people took pictures with them and they got lots of compliments all night! We hope you like them as much as we do!

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