Our family is serious about two things – food and Halloween costumes. So this year, we combined our two great loves and created the “All That and A Bag of Chips” costume. And it was delicious.

Every year we think of a group costume, in the past we’ve done your typical famous groups…The Wizard of Oz, Gilligans Island, etc. But this year we wanted something that we had never seen anyone do before, so we started thinking outside the box. We tossed around ideas for days. Then one day while eating lunch together, someone shouted out the greatest idea yet – A SANDWICH!!

We then decided that we would need 2 slices of white bread, bologna, swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato. But with all these ingredients we were still short one costume, so we threw in the bag of chips!

The bread costumes were made out of cardboard, foam pieces, and spray paint. We cut the cardboard into a bread-like shape and attached the foam pieces around the edges to give it a more 3D look. We then taped it off and spray painted the brown crust and white center.

The bologna, swiss cheese, tomato, and chips were made of corrugated plastic sheeting and digitally printed vinyl. We applied the vinyl images by hand to the corrugated plastic and then cut them to shape. While I realize this may seem like cheating, it is actually still considered homemade in our case. You see, our family owns a sign company that is operated out of my grandparent’s home, where we have access to a large digital printer and very talented sign makers.

The lettuce was made of thick paper and paint. My 80 year old grandfather (who used to hand paint all of the signs he made) and I teamed up to paint the detailing of the lettuce. After it was painted I crinkled up the lettuce to give it texture.

In order to wear the ingredients, we glued nylon strapping to the back of the material and made neck holes, where we put our heads through and the costumes hung from like a giant necklace.

This was by far the most fun we have had making, and wearing our costumes. Everyone who saw us on Halloween night stopped us to take pictures and could not believe that we made the costumes ourselves. No one had ever seen a giant human sandwich (and chips) before!