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Coolest Sandwich Costume

I had to go to a “Don’t Be A _ITCH, Be A WITCH” ladies-only party… I’ve worn wicked witch costumes in the past, but was looking for something more creative this time around. My daughter suggested being a sand witch, with desert camo dress, and a light bulb came on… decided instead of being a sand witch, I would be a SANDWICH.

Purchased two sheets of foam core, some poster board in a variety of colors, some bright green tissue paper, some shiny purple gift wrap.

I cut out the foam core into two bread slice shaped, and painted crust and detail on both sides of each. Then, I cut “cheese” triangles from the yellow poster board, cutting holes to give the “swiss” look, and glued to the inside of the bread slices. Then, I cut tomatoes from the red poster board, and added those in, and used the shiny purple gift wrap to cut onion rings and added those. I crumpled up the green tissue paper and attached in as “lettuce.” I made shoulder straps from extra-large ziplock plastic bags, stapled onto both sides of the bread slices, to create a “sandwich board” (pardon the pun) costume. I sourced an extra large housefly and attached it to the sandwich (close to scale).

I wore black pants, red/black stripey tights, a black shirt and a black hat to top off the look.

I won first prize for the costume contest, and the kids at my son’s school LOVED it, since the year before I was a witch of a different sort. My photo was also featured on the MSN’s Today Show user photos Halloween page.

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