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Coolest Homemade Wonder Bread Costume

I decided to make my 3 year old into a loaf of wonder bread for Halloween. The Wonder Bread costume was easy to make and everyone loved it.

You need: a square cardboard box to fit the size of your child, cheap white fabric, white spray paint, a small piece of yellow fabric, a plain white baseball hat, Red, yellow and blue craft paint, clear plastic cling wrap, a small piece of elastic, and some flower wire or small wire.

I took the box and cut it to fit him just right below his knees, and cut a hole in the top of the box for his head and a hole on each side for his arms. I sprayed the box white, because you could still see the box threw the fabric if I left it brown. I hot glued the fabric on to the box.

I looked at the Wonder Bread package and painted Wonder and all the the details on the front of the fabric with the craft paint, and I printed the ingredients and all the details that go on the back of the package and printed it off and glued it to the back side of the box. I then painted red, blue and yellow spots all over the costume. I also painted spots on the plain white hat to match the box.

After all the paint was dry I took the clear cling wrap and glued it to the box. I did this so that the Wonder Bread costume looked shiny like the bread wrapper.

I measured his neck next and took the elastic and a piece of white fabric and glued the two together. It fit loose around his neck but it looked like the end of the bread wrapper.

To make the twist tie I took the yellow fabric and cut a skinny piece and glued the wire in it, and then folded the fabric and glued it all together. I placed it around his neck loosely and twisted. It looked just like a twist tie.

The Wonder Bread costume was great and everyone thought he was so cute. He won 3 first place trophies. It took a few days to make, and cost only around $10.

Wonder Bread Costume

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