Cool Wordplay Costume: Super Hero Sandwich

My costume is a a super “hero” sandwich. I wanted to go with a pun costume to make it stand out and be more unique. though I didn’t get to actually wear this costume on Halloween (lack of time).  I had a blast making it!

Materials needed

  • 2 yards of brown fleece
  • 2 yards of white fleece
  • 2 red fat quarters
  • 1 yellow poster board
  • super glue
  • sewing machine
  • 2 yards green tulle

1.) I started out by cutting out the materials for my “ingredients”

2.) next I laid the brown , and white fleece on top of each other (pretty side to pretty side) and cut the shape of the bread out to my liking

3.) I then sewed the bread pieces together leaving a small slit, flipped them inside out, then sewed over the open hole.

4.) an optional step is to add “sesame seeds” to the top of the bread

5.) finally I glued all of the ingredients ( i.e cheese, tomato, lettuce) to the bottom piece of bread, sewed the top and bottom bread pieces together , slipped it on and took these amazing pics.

Hope you enjoy!


Cool Wordplay Costume: Super Hero Sandwich

Cool Wordplay Costume: Super Hero Sandwich