We’re all that and a bag of chips!

The idea sparked in 2003 when the group of us was a bagged lunch. The plain UTZ chips were such a hit we decided to make a “snack pack” of bags and created this homemade bags of potato chips group Halloween costume.

We started with cotton fabric (colors of the bag) and sewed the sides, hemmed the bottom and the top. We scanned a picture of the UTZ girl and created a stencil and used felt to cut her out. We also use large font print to create stencils for the lettering. We used felt to make the chips. Once everything was cut out we hot glued it all onto the bag.

We then took Velcro and hot glued it to the top of the bags so that we can close the top of the bag. The girls sported cool wigs with crazy bows and red and green cheeks. *Note, the sour cream chips have added green jewels to create the look of sour cream and onion. We use red spray paint on yellow felt to create the red hot & BBQ chips.