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Funny Pregnant Hooters Girl Costume

I had so much fun wearing this Halloween costume! Instead of being the typical skinny hooters girl with a perfect body, I thought I would put a little twist on it. I added a pregnant belly (from a local maternity store), blacked out my front tooth and stuffed my cigarette pack in the strap of my tank top.

I went out with a group of friends and had the best time ever! A few of the bouncers looked at me a little strangely and questioned if I was actually pregnant because they were not comfortable letting me in if I was, considering how packed the bar was.

I only spent about five dollars for the tank top on Ebay, and grabbed a cute pair of short orange gym shorts off of the clearance rack at kohls.

I won $500 in a costume contest for “funniest costume” the night that I wore it. I believe that I was up against the Teletubbies, a joe dirt, and a creepy guy dressed up as a used tampon.

I was thinking about repeating this costume again since I had such a blast but decided to try and come up with something else.

Anyone who is interested in going as this, an awesome redneck pregnant hooters girl, I would like to recommend not buying the panty hose off of the hooters Website. I ordered a pair of plus size ones since they are always too tight and couldn’t even get them on.

Adding a blacked out tooth to any costume always makes it a little bit more fun! I hope someone else can get as much enjoyment out of this costume as I did!

I love looking at this site for ideas and have seen so many creative ones that I hope to run into this Halloween!

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