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Sexy Hooter Girls Halloween Group Costume

My two best friends and I wanted to be something “sexy” but not slutty last year. We found many ideas but everything was either to much work or too slutty, there was nothing in between. Then I was wearing my Hooters shirt to bed when I realized that Hooter girls are respected and loved! My friends and I loved the idea of a Sexy Hooter Girls Halloween group costume .

There are Hooter costumes at the restaurants but they cost $60! We all agreed that we wanted to spend less amount of money. So we bought the shirts at that cost $10. Other than that everything else we had! We all luckily had orange shorts. My friend had the tube socks  (to make our chest large like the Hooters girls we purchased the Drew at Aerie). We also got stickers at the Hooters restaurant and gave those out.

It was a great idea and it didn’t cost anything! We were asked if we worked there and of course we said yes!

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