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Fun DIY Costume Idea: Sky Dancer Sign

My 10 year old son is one of those dancing signs you often see along the highway. It is mostly sewn together from men’s bright yellow t-shirts. The letters and streamers are a blue plastic tableclothe. This won in a local contest in a neigboring town. In motion this got a great reaction. My son would often stand in front of our house and get many cars to slow down to see what in the world was going on. Our dog was often upset by all the comotion and I had to replace quite a few streamers throughout the halloween season due to our dog nipping at them and pulling them off. This costume was actually made last year, however due to Super Storm Sandy, we didn’t get teh chance to use it because halloween was canceled. We were very happy to have the opportunity to use it this year. It was a comfortable costume that held up well through many wearings. We plan to save it so my younger son can wear it in a few years.

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