My daughter has always loved the air dancer, fly guy promotional fan powered advertising ‘things’ outside car dealerships and the like, She calls out “Look a Funny Guy!” every time we see one. I even looked into buying one but they’re expensive! I was inspired by someone else’s costume I saw on reddit and decided to make my own sky dancer costume.

I took a bike helmet, glued a tube to the top of it and then had a round piece of plastic board laced to the top of that. Then I just made a tube with arm holes. I took 6 inch googley eyes that I had laying around (honest) and drilled holes around the edges so I could sew them onto the outfit. Then the mouth was critical, I tried a few shapes until I got a fun one that I liked. I sewed mesh folded over double so I could see through it with a felt border to make the edge be well defined and then cut the fabric away from the inside so I could see through it.

I decided not to try and make the arms and head have tails or feathering since it would be hard to keep it vertical. The outfit was already over 7ft tall and I was going to be bumping into quite a few things. I chose orange because  wanted to be seen and it’s a good Halloween color. It was all sewn with the help of my daughter on my 1930’s hand crank singer sewing machine.

The people who got it were delighted. I had quite a few people quote Family guy to me.

“Wacky waving inflatable arm flaling tube man!”

The people who didn’t get it seemed to mostly think I was Gumby, which was difficult to understand.

I got to wear it 4 times this year. Twice at work for the kids party and then the adult party the next day. Both days it was very well received. People would line up to get their photo with me, the kids would high five which would ‘make my fan go and make me dance’. Then I wore it trick or treating with my daughter who proudly told everyone that we made it ourselves. She credited the bumper crop of candy to my outfit. After that I went out in town to go to a night club and danced all night long. It was here that the orange really showed up great under the black lights and I didn’t have to be self conscious about my dancing at all.