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From Curtains to Goddess: A DIY Costume Creation

Gathering Inspiration and Materials

I’m not typically skilled at following instructions (I’m a visual learner), so Halloween is my chance to let my imagination run wild and create something unique that my kids will love. This year, I embarked on a DIY project to make a sun goddess costume for my daughter.

Drawing inspiration from Greek and Roman mythology, I infused a healthy dose of my own creativity into the design. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a set of gold curtains at a thrift store, providing the perfect base for the dress. I love the convenience of skipping the hassle of hemming a skirt! To accentuate the waistline, I discovered a lacy valance in the exact shade of gold at a different thrift store.

For the sleeves, I sought out something flowing and gauzy, leading me to a fabric store where I found the ideal material. To my daughter’s delight, the fabric was adorned with tiny pearls, catering to her love for all things sparkly. Her initial skepticism about the costume vanished upon seeing the fabric, which was a huge relief!

Assembling the Costume

For the crown, I crafted a headband adorned with zip ties and beads. To complement the majestic headpiece, I created swirling designs using hot glue on a flat surface, painted them with metallic spray paint, and added a touch of rub’n buff for added shine. Tiny pearl beads served as the finishing touches to complete the ensemble.

Upon trying on the completed costume, my daughter exclaimed that it was “better than she thought it was going to be”—high praise indeed from a teenager! To enhance the look, we opted for the most metallic gold eyeshadow we could find and used eyelash glue to attach tiny pearls to her face beneath her eyes.

Overall, I consider the costume a success. While my daughter expressed concern that people might not recognize her since she wasn’t portraying a specific character, I believe the crown and flowing style of the dress effectively convey a sense of mythology and royalty.

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