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Coolest Artemis Greek Goddess Costume

Part of a trio of goddess costumes I made for three teenagers. This costume is made entirely from Dollar store and Thrift store finds and hand sewn and hot glued.

Artemis is the goddess of the moon and the hunt. Her crown is made from a headband and a piece of plastic that I cut in a moon shape. I then covered the whole thing in faux gold leather and hot glued blue and white fake jewels.

The bodice is made from a suede hat. I cut it in half, cut off the brim and reshaped it. The gold part in the middle is the tongue of a gold braided belt. The gold trim is from the same belt that I unbraided.

The skirt is made from a pair of gold leather pants that I found at the Thrift store and cut and glued into a skirt. The quiver for her arrows is made from the sleeve of a Thrift store fake shearling jacket and attached with a Thrift store belt.

Front - Coolest Artemis Greek Goddess Costume

All three girls - Coolest Artemis Greek Goddess Costume

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