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Coolest Homemade Greek God and Goddess Couple Costume

I didn’t like any of the toga costumes I saw in the store. They were overpriced and cheaply made and besides, I couldn’t find one large enough for my broad shouldered husband, so I decided to make my own Homemade Greek God and Goddess Couple Costume.

These costumes were sewn using patterns from McCalls that I bought at the fabric store. For my husband’s toga, I used 6 yards of fabric and 2 yards of trim. For mine I used a total of 4 yards of fabric (2 yards of white cotton, 1 yard of celery green chiffon and 1 yard of white tulle) and 4 yards of trim.

The patterns were simple, basic tunics. The most complicated part was the wrap-around sash / belt on my husband’s costume. I had lots of help from my mother, who has been sewing all her life. Once the togas were all sewn together, we added the gold trim. His is a thick gold rope-braid pattern trim and mine is a white ribbon with gold Greek pattern on it. I put the ribbon all around the bottom and the neckline of my toga.

Then I added the light green sash, which I put a gold ribbon trim on, with the tulle sash over it. I tied that into a knot at the shoulder. I used 2 thick pieces of green and gold ribbon to tie the toga together at the shoulders, looping under my bra strap so it wouldn’t move. I made the crown by intertwining 2 silk flower stems together and securing them with floral tape. I hot glued the leaves and flowers to it, and glued 2 hair combs on either side so it would stay in place on my head. I curled my hair with the tiny curling iron and put half up before I put the crown on, then pulled up the bottom layer and pinned it over the back part of the crown. I stuck a gold decal to my forehead, used heavy black liquid eyeliner and sprayed gold glitter all over my hair and body.

I wore gold sandals and gold costume jewelry and my husband wore brown leather sandals and fake leather wrist straps that I got at the party store, to complete the look. We had a blast and had the most original costumes I saw all night.

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