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Pretty Homemade Medusa Costume

This homemade Medusa costume was inspired by a beauty of Greek mythology! What’s more halloween than a woman’s hair made of squirming, squiggly snakes! Gross right! I love this costume. It was perfect for school and a night out.

Medusa is all about the hair! I started with a curly red wig to attach the snakes to. I thought about buying a bunch of toy snakes but I wanted something more maneuverable so I spent many hours sewing and stuffing snakes. The effect was great.

  • I put a piece of flower wire in each one to allow me to bend and manipulate them.
  • Then, I added red sequin eyes to give them a more demonic look.
  • Finally, I topped off the head piece with a simple cardboard crown, covered in the same gold fabric and adorned with a single jewel.

The dress was a simple find from the local thrift store I added gold flowy ribbon for the sleeves and a green satin sash to make it more in the style of the Greek goddess.

The whole costume may not have required a lot of items, but the end result was awesome. I had numerous compliments and people coming up to me all night, wondering if I bought it. When I explained that, “No, I made it myself,” they were more than a little impressed!

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