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Five Nights at Freddys Costume – Rock Star Freddy Meets Lego Man

This Five Nights at Freddys costume was a real labor of love. I’ll start off by mentioning my 6yr old son Cory, is obsessed with Five Nights at Freddy’s. I, however, cringe at the thought of those creepy animatronics! Nonetheless, when he requested a Rock Star Freddy costume for Halloween I jumped at the opportunity to make it for him.

I’ve always been very creative and wanted to test my skills, so I started researching how to go about it. I watched multiple videos on how to make a Freddy costume, only to become super overwhelmed at the complexity of it all. I racked my brain, feeling defeated that I wouldn’t be able to do this for him after all.. until, I came across THIS very website. A winning costume of a pirate Legoman lit up the screen, and it struck me. I can combine the two! I talked to my son who seemed to like the idea so i got to work straight away.

After a little more research, I ended up downloading a template because it seemed like the least complicated method for the head. Now, did it make this simplistic in a sense? Yes. Was it easy? Good god no! This was only my second venture into the world of cardboard structures, and boy did it show! I managed to finish the head with minimal burns from the hot glue, although I will have a permanent reminder of this project on my shin from a very large drop of glue!

Cory tried on the head and instantly became excited, running around (without holes yet for seeing) almost bumping into everything including his little sister.Then and there I knew I was on the right track! From there I made the chest piece which was much easier than the head because it consisted of nothing but straight pieces and edges. Once everything was tried on and fitted I realized his eyeline would be directly where the mouth was, so instead of cutting out the eyes I only cut out a mouth which gave him a great range of sight!

From then on progress on the Five Nights at Freddys costume went like butter; I completed the lego man hands out of cardboard fairly quickly with the experience of the head behind me. I then added the details like the ears, star, and bow tie and finally the acrylic paint! Boy did the paint really bring it life! My son’s friends would come over and take turns trying on “the awesome Freddie costume!” and my heart really swelled with joy at the sight of my son’s face as his friends admired his costume.

I had planned on not creating legs as it would’ve been difficult for him to walk in around our neighborhood, but ultimately decided to try at the last second. Sadly it was a failed attempt, I had measured the height incorrectly and ended up cutting and fixing it all multiple times before finally admitting defeat. In the end I think it looks amazing without them, and my son loved it which was my goal to begin with, so I count this as a mega win! Everyone in the neighborhood seemed to love it as well, all of the older kids gathered around him telling him “how cool” he looked, and though I couldn’t see his face inside that Freddie head, I knew he was smiling from ear to ear! I’d say the only downfall to this costume was when he would drop something, it was pretty comical watching him to to bend over and pick it up! Wearing essentially a box around your chest doesn’t allow a whole lot of bend! lol

With Halloween officially behind us I can finally reflect on the work that went into making this Five Nights at Freddys costume Rock Star Freddy costume, and I can honestly admit that I’m super proud of it! It fulfilled my creative outlet all while making my son incredibly happy and really, what’s better than that!

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