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Female Buzz Lightyear and Woody Couple Costume

Buzz: Making Buzz’s jet pack was the difficult part of the costume. I used cardboard poster board and cut out the shape. From there I drew/painted the exact design from the movie onto it. Waiting for the paint to dry took the longest. The paint was Martha Stewart All purpose paint (even waterproof). I cut holes into the cardboard to get the drawstrings on.

I bought a plain kids XL white shirt from Michael’s craft and painted everything on it. I learned that several coats on fabric shrinks up the fabric! The bottom of the shirt where I painted the belt I couldn’t even get over my hips, so I cut slits down both sides. The fabric did become really stiff, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I had 2 pairs of plain white socks. I used one pair and cut off the foot and painted the design for gloves. Again, when I went to put my arm through this, the elastic was very stiff and started cracking the paint. I took a pair of Keds I always have around and added lime green duck tape to the tops.  I also had a sparkly purple headband on, but you could barely tell in the photo.

Woody: Woody seemed simple to make as we already had most of the accessories. We had the white vest, cowboy hat, boots, and belt. We bought a yellow shirt and painted on red lines. Also, purchased a $1 red bandanna scarf and a toy gun and sheriff badge. The cow spots were made from black felt and hand sewn on.

Female Buzz Lightyear and Woody Couple Costume

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