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50+ Coolest Homemade Electronics Halloween Costumes

Take a look at these cool homemade Electronics Halloween costumes shared with us by costume enthusiasts from around the world. Along with the costumes here, you’ll also find loads of homemade costume ideas and DIY Halloween costume inspiration for your next costume project. Enjoy!

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Original Last Minute Costume: A Guy in a TV with a SPAM Advertisement

My son is the product of a quick-witted father and a fairly creative mom, and unlike his Halloween costume, he typically lives in the realm outside the box. His Halloween costumes evolve from spontaneous spurts of ingenuity, blasting out, it seems, with the Halloween haul of one year until the nick-of-time-October of the next. Read more »

Cool Homemade Music Man Juke Box Costume

Cool Homemade Music Man Juke Box Costume

I asked my kids what I should be for Halloween this year. One of them said “too bad you couldn’t be something that plays music”. My Wife said, “Like a Juke Box”? … all 4 kid responded, “a WHAT?” That’s when I realized that they HAD to see a juke box. and what better way to show them, than to build one … and what better reason to build one, than a Halloween costume! The Challenge was on! Read more »