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TI-89 Titanium Calculator Costume

I am a total geek. I cherish my TI-89 Titanium calculator so much, I decided to be one! The notion came two days before Halloween, so I was scrounging to put this thing together! My mother and I constructed this in the living room using a mini refrigerator box that we had just purchased a couple of days prior.

Being the thrifty folks that we are, we were able to make the black and gray bases of the calculator with saved plastic tablecloths. The screen was made with the “inside” shiny side of some Christmas wrapping paper. Thank goodness for Sharpies and the white polish from a home manicure set! Those were used to make the buttons on the calculator.

Short of brainstorming the items on hand to use, it was relatively easy to make. Just by eyeballing the real thing, we were able to draw everything onto the tablecloths. Every single person had something clever to say about it and of course, I had my real trusty calculator with me the whole time to show them. This has been the best Halloween costume I’ve ever had!

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