Costume by Addy O., Hingham, MA

We were told to make your own Halloween costumes for our Halloween party. I got the inspiration for this costume from my iPod, no other!

I found this great Styrofoam board from Lowes. Then I cut the board, attached it with string and added the roll thing! It took about three hours to make.

Total Spent: $15

Costume by Erica T., Lynchburg, VA

iPod costume

I was always told that if you make your own Halloween costumes it is always much more fun than buying one ready made so I got the idea to do an Ipod shadow commercial by watching a commercial during one of my regular television shows. I saw the commercial and decided that’s what I wanted to do for Halloween. I began by picking out a completely black outfit skirt, shirt, cardigan, black boots and black gloves. Then I found a pair of black leggings. I went to Wall Mart and bought a tube of black face paint and I bought a temporary hair dye (8 – 10 washes) from L’Oreal Color Pulse in black and dyed my hair the night before.

The night of the party I put on my costume and put on the black face paint on my face, ears, neck and chest (if exposed) and carried around my Ipod with the headphones in my ears and danced around to my own music!

It was a lot of fun! (Can also double as a demon or a shadow…any of the three is fun!)

Total Spent: $10