Coolest Sexy iPod Costumes for a Night Out at the University

My friends and I made these Sexy iPod Costumes for a Night Out at the University and they attract a lot of attention!!

Be prepared for a lot of photos because everyone will want a picture…


-White Boob Tube

– Fabric Dye (or you could by a boob tube in the color already!)

-Plain white paper

-Black marker


-Safety Pins



1. If you have a white boob tube – Follow the dye instructions on the back of the packet – it took us twenty minutes with a sink and some hot water…also tongs or gloves so you don’t get the dye on your hands are usually helpful :)

Or if you have the top in the color already (lucky you! we did it in winter so there was no tops in the stores!)

2.Use your iPod to get an idea of what the screen looks like then just draw it onto paper!

For the circles we used a plate for the large circle and a pint glass for the middle circle to draw around and then cut them out….

3.simply pin them on to your tops, put the headphones down your top and VOILA!

We had a fabulous night in these costumes and they only took around half an hour to make including dying the top!


Oh…and the DJ plays whichever song is on your top so make sure it’s your favorite :D!!