My costume “The IPOD!” is a very technical costume. I am sorry it is backwards as it was taken in the mirror. The “headphones” play REAL music because I hooked them up to speakers inside of them. I took a medium/small box, cut holes for my arms and head and left the bottom open for my legs.

I put baby blue paper all over the box to cover it. Then I cut out a “screen”, picked one of my favorite songs, and put all the details that a real iPod would have. The battery sign, the time that is left, the hold button on top, the apple sign on back… I made it look realistic.

The headphones were made of rope and a cup covered in tape. Then I put the portable speakers inside of the tape covered cup so it doesn’t look like a cup. You can even add the hold button on top and the apple sign in the back. Then add details and enjoy everyone staring at your awesome Halloween homemade iPod costume!