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Great iPod Touch Homemade Halloween Costume for a Boy

10 year olds are fickle. Mine couldn’t decide what he wanted to be this year for Halloween. It was his (smarty pants) little sister who said to him, “Well you should be an iPod Touch ’cause that’s all you want to play with anyway!”. Genius I say! But how? It ended up being fairly easy. All I used was a cardboard box, 2 poster boards, spray paint, a print from Office Depot (more on that), packaging tape and hot glue.

First, I sprayed the box and poster board green (the color of his iPod). Then, he took a screen shot of his iPod and I uploaded it to the Office Depot site. I had them print up an architecture scale print (24 in x 36 in). It only costed me $9 for a full color print. Awesome. Next, we attached the poster board to the front of the box using hot glue and then the screen shot print on top of the poster board using packaging tape. On the back of the box, we glued on the apple logo which we had blown up and printed out on our printer. Finally, we decided where his face should poke out and cut out a hole for his face and, on each side, his arms. Voila! A human iPod Touch.

He absolutely loved it and had a pretty great Halloween, I must say. While walking through our town for a Halloween event, people were stopping him to take photos. I’ve never seen him smile so much!


Great iPod Touch Homemade Halloween Costume for a Boy

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