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Cute iPad Costume for a 4-Year-Old

My 4 year old son said he wanted to be an iPad for Halloween, so that’s what he was! It was so much fun to make and all homemade.

For the front and back of the iPad we used white foam board for the front and silver foam board for the back. I just cut and curved the corners and filed them with a nail file to smooth them out. For the screen I had him choose which app icons he wanted and then we took a screen shot of it. I then took the screen shot picture to Office Depot and had it printed out on high gloss 16×20 paper.

Then I just simply cut it out, measured and glued it to the center of the white foam board.

For the little camera I just hole punched black shiny paper and glued it and for the home button I used a lid to indent a circle and drew a curved square with silver marker to complete it. For the back I simple printed off the Apple icon and word ‘iPad’ on black glossy paper and cut out and glued. Same for the camera and buttons. To attach we just used Velcro and ribbon and it laid over his shoulders like a sandwich board.

To finish it off he wore Mickey Mouse gloves for fun! It was a hit!!!

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