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Easy Homemade Draco Malfoy Costume

My girlfriend recently dyed her hair from brown to platinum blonde and wanted to find a costume for Halloween that showed it off.  Being Harry Potter fans it wasn’t long before we realized the going as Draco Malfoy would be a piece of cake. The Draco Malfoy costume was so easy she had everything we needed in her closet already: white shirt, grey pullover, black pants, green tie.

I  Googled and printed out the Slytherin badge and stitched it onto an old vampire cape from last year’s Halloween. I made her a wand with an old chopstick , a couple of beads of varied size and shape (to add shape and texture) and electrical tape. She pulled it all together with a severe side parting in her hair and plenty of hair gel and voila ! As the evening progressed everyone at the party had at some point asked her to produce a Patron-um.