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Easy Flo and Mayhem Couple Halloween Costume

This is the first Halloween my husband and I decided to have a couple’s costume. Both of these Flo and Mayhem couple Halloween costumes were really easy!

For Flo, all I needed was white pants (I found some at Kohl’s for $10), a white shirt (Flo wears a button-up but I just wore a t-shirt) and an apron. For the apron, I bought a 3 pack of plain white ones at Wal-Mart in the craft section. I also bought a pack of iron-on transfers. The aprons and iron-ons were both in 3 packs, but I only needed one of each.

Progressive’s website has a whole section dedicated to helping you dress like Flo. You can buy their version of the costume for $40, but it only comes with an apron and wig. On the website they have PDF files of all the logos you need. I only used the Progressive one and the name tag  but they have others if you want to jazz up the costume more. I also had a blue headband given to me by a friend last minute.

For my husband to become Mayhem, it was also fairly easy. He used an old suit that he already had. He went and bought a pink sweatband and pink weights to match the commercial where Mayhem is jogging, This is not necessary, as there are other commercials he is in where he is not wearing the pink if it would be easier for you to go with something else. We slapped a butterfly bandage on his head and dirtied him up, and viola!

Our costumes were a huge hit; everyone kept telling us how much they loved us and what a great idea it was. We hope this gives you a night of fun!

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