Coolest Homemade Flo Costume

This is my homemade Flo costume (the Progressive insurance lady), and my favorite costume thus far! It was perfect because it was easy, cheap, funny, clever, AND work-appropriate, so I was able to wear it to my job (I work retail). Anytime a customer gave me a coupon to check out with, I’d yell “discount!” at them and they’d laugh so hard. I wore it to another Halloween party and said things like “happens to me all the time,” or “unicorns & glitterrrrr”. I’ve never gotten so many laughs and compliments before, it was fantastic!

The costume itself was extremely easy. My homemade Flo costume consisted of:
• a pair of white jeans (Wal-mart)
• white polo (Old Navy)
• an old pair of black converse shoes I had laying around
• an apron
• two pins (I used my old work nametags)
• blue ribbon
• red lipstick

(all pretty standard every-day items or things you can make from household materials).

I printed the word “PROGRESSIVE” on a sheet of regular printer paper, cut it out in one big piece and glued it directly onto an apron I found hanging in my kitchen. I also printed “I ♥ INSURANCE” and “FLO” and taped them to some old name-tags from work, then pinned them to my apron. I wore my apron over my white jeans and white polo, added black Chucks, applied a dash of red lipstick to my regular everyday makeup, a blue ribbon to my hair (plus a ‘bump-it’ my mother got me that I thought I’d never wear)…and Ta-Da! I stole the party!

It worked out great for me because I’m naturally somewhat similar to Flo (I’m pale, brunette, wear Chucks, speak pretty outrageously). This was the easiest, cheapest, BEST costume idea I’ve ever had… I don’t know how I’ll top it next year!

Homemade Flo Costume

Homemade Flo Costume - closeup

Homemade Flo Costume

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