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Coolest Flo and Mayhem Couple Costume

We needed a fun original last minute costume that was cheap cuz we we’re broke and our favorite commercials right now are the insurance commercials! So we came up with this Homemade Flo and Mayhem Couple Costume. Flo cost the most but was the easiest to do.

Hair-Lots of hairspray and navy head band I already had
White polo- Boys dept. Walmart $5
White pants- Already had
Converse Knockoffs- Dollar Store $8
Apron- $4 Walmart
with an Iron stuff I had and then printed “progressive” on
Buttons- Made on “Paint” printed off and glued onto cardboard and then a saftey pin glued onto the carboard
Make-Up-my lighteset foundation, liquid eyeliner and red lipstick!

Mayhem took a few hours to make, his car but was WELL worth it. There were a few other guys in suits with a bandaid on their face but the car set us apart!

Suit- Already had
Butterfly band-aid- Walmart $2
Make-up- My eyeliner pencil and some rubbing
Headband- A winter headband cut in half $1 walmart
Pink Sunglasses- a pair i had

The car was all made of stuff we had lying around the house. I cut apart a large cardboard box and hot glued it together the reinforced the inside with ducttape for hold. I used the size of the box so I didnt do any measuring or anything. I just freehanded the shape of a durango on the box and started cutting. Then we painted it pink, (leftover from my daughters room). Cut out holes for headlights and put wax paper over them. Cut out a grill and wrapped it in tinfoil, glued tinfoil to the mirrors. Cut out tires and painted them black and glued them on, taped off windows and painted them black. Printed some rims, dodge decals and made a license plate off of a google picture. Punctured holes in front and back for fishing line, but since it was so front head it tipped so I put a piece of ductape around the fishing line on the back of his neck to keep it from tipping.

All in all it only took about 4 hours to do including dry time. Very easy. It was all free handed out. This Homemade Flo and Mayhem Couple Costume was our favorite Halloween costume yet!

Homemade Flo and Mayhem Couple Costume

Homemade Flo and Mayhem Couple Costume

Homemade Flo and Mayhem Couple Costume

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