First Flo is an icon so I knew I had to do the costume right. I did dye my hair darker to look more the part. The Progressive insurance web site was really helpful in creating this look. It offered print outs and instructions down to what color lipstick Flo wears.

I bought my apron at Walmart and then did the iron on transfer. I printed out the name tag and button and wrapped it in clear packing tape to make it stiff and shiny. I used an old white polo shirt I had. The hardest parent for me was finding her converse shoes and the pants. The shoes I didn’t want to spend a ton on because I knew I’d only wear them the one time. I finally settled on some from kmart, the pants I found some bell bottom ones at the thrift store and just pinned and sewed the legs down the outer seams to make them more form fitted and sleek. I had the calculator and borrowed my boyfriends HVAC thermometer to imitate her scan gun. I really wanted my bf to go as a Gecko but he was not down with that…lol