Easy Homemade Flo Costume

My husband and I own a food truck and sadly we had to work on Halloween. So we wanted to wear a couples costume as we do every year but something we could easily work in. So we brainstormed while watching TV and the sweet and lovely Flo came on in one of her many commercials, and the immediate commercial following was a Geico. BAM! We have a couples costume.

My husband’s was a little bit more detailed so we caved in and bought his costume. However, mine on the other hand was much more simple to put together and create the character FLO.

First, a pair of white pants, white polo shirt, and a pair of navy chuck taylor shoes. I went to the thrift store and found each super cheap and perfect for the costume. I did find a white apron at the thrift store and figure I would add my iron on for the progressive name on it.

Print at home with a iron on adhessive sheet paper you can print on your ink jet printer. Cut out the progressive (make sure you print it backwards so it irons on correctly.) and iron on your white apron.

You can find Flo’s name tag and I love insurance button on line. Print those out and cut and paste to a card board backing and hot glue to your apron or safety pin.

Make up: Red lipstick, light blush, heavy black cat wing eyeliner.

Tease hair for a nice bubble and wear a navy blue head band.

You have Miss Flo! 

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