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Best DIY Flo from Progressive Costume

I wanted an easy DIY costume for Halloween, and I happened upon Flo while checking out Halloween-related Pinterest boards. I already had a white polo shirt, white pants, and navy canvas shoes. I only had to buy an apron, a “bump-it” for my hair, a headband, and red lipstick.  I downloaded the tricked out name tag,  “heart” insurance button, Auto box, and Progressive logo templates from the Progressive website.

I used iron on transfer paper to get the logo on my apron, and pasted the name tag and button to cardboard and attached it to my apron using a safety pin. I had a small rectangular cardboard box that I pasted the Autobox template on the front and sides for me to carry. My hair looks a lot like Flo’s, so all I had to do was tease the crown, put in the bump-it, and flip out the ends….then hairspray, hairspray, hairspray!

Add some heavy black cat eye liner and some cherry red lipstick, and I was transformed!  We had a costume contest at work and I tied for 1st place for “Most Original”!  Everyone was raving over my look and said I looked EXACTLY like Flo!  “Glitter, Rainbow Unicorn!”

Best DIY Flo from Progressive Costume

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