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Great Last-Minute Costume Idea: Going with the Flo!

At first, I thought I was going to be dressing up this year and this idea of dressing up as Flo from Progressive popped into my mind. I love Flo and her commercials and she reminded me of my personality. This a last minute costume to create so I didn’t have anytime to order the costume and so I decided I’ll just use the resources we have on island. Living on Saipan (US Territory), it’s so hard to find anything unlike the US. I couldn’t find any white apron at every store I went too. So I decided to go get it made by a tailor, which I did and cost me $8!

Another obstacle I went through is finding a place to get the logo “Progressive” printed on the apron. None of the printing places that I went to can print on fabric so I am about to give up until I called up my coworker who works in marketing and she told me that there is a place so close to where I work that can do the printing. Mind you, this was on Tuesday. I called the printing place and said that they can and it will ready by Thursday which is Halloween. I didn’t let her know it was for my costume. Well, I sent her the logo through email and when she saw the it, she instantly knew that it was for costume and asked me to drop off the apron that day and it will be ready the next day. The great part about it is that she didn’t charged me at all because the company I work for gives her a lot of business.

This costume cost me only 8 bucks and that’s just for the apron. I already have a white polo shirt and pants and all I needed was the accessories to go with it. I just printed the template for the button and her ID from the progressive website which is awesome and also got some blue ribbon left over from my daughter’s costume.

I was so happy for the turnout. Everybody was so surprised by my costume and they loved it. Some compliments that were said was “that is the costume of the year”, “I love that”, “You should win best costume”. Some asked where did I get my costume. My kids and husband loved it. It was such a hit this year that my youngest daughter wants to dress up as Flo next year.

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