So to make this costume, it may seem easy, but for me, it was quite difficult. I spent a lot of hours into making my horns from felt and stuffing, hand sewing the felt and painting them too. Getting them to stay on without touching each other took a while though. So, after about three hours spent making my horns, we (my friends and I) got to work with the rest.

Simple skeleton morphsuit and a halloween store wig, some shorts from Dick’s Sporting Goods, and my favorite pair of combat boots make up the outfit. The wig took just as long as the horns to get it just right. Many hours of straightening this crimped, shiny wig to turn it into a duller, more messy scene look, and dont even talk to me about cutting it into the length.

My face paint takes time, making sure every detail is right and my neck is nice and covered, as not to show my real skin tone seeing as Kurloz, a character from a webcomic called Homestuck on mspaint, has grey skin.

My lips are stitched together with some twine, sharpied and glues onto my lips, making it so I can’t talk.

My contacts came in white mesh so I could still see and have the white eye affect he has. Now, I went to a few things, not including the actual halloween trick or treating dressed up, but this was too much fun.

I went to my local zoo for an event, many kids gasping in awe as the adults just walked far around me. It was too much fun and after walking around for a few hours, I headed with my family to the mall. This was the best, I got many people just staring at me and two people asking for pictures.

I entertained some kids with my horn, having them honk it. The adults were more afraid than the kids! But after that, we headed to dinner, getting even more stares.

As much fun as it was, I’m hoping to do it again and maybe win this contest because of it.