My best friend and I wanted to have cute costumes this Halloween but we didn’t want to have to worry about running into someone else with the same costume! We did some online searching and came up with the perfect idea: Thing 1 & Thing 2!  We bought all of the pieces seperately (wig, sequin bra, fishnet shirt, paint, striped hand Warmers, red fishnet tights, red tutu, knée high striped socks, red glitter spandex, and leg Warmers.)  We actually ordered blue wigs but the company sent us white ones instead so we had to spray then with blue hair dye. We went to local bars and were the talk of every place! As soon as we walked in everyone asked where we got our costumes and asked if they could take pictures with us!! We were chosen best costume by a local band and made the front cocer photo of the bands website on Facebook! We loved our costumes and had the best night ever. If you want a cute, comfortable, eye catching costume; this is definetely it :)