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Cutest 101 Dalmations with Cruella de Vil Group Halloween Costume

My four roommates and I decided to be the 101 Dalmatians accompanied with Cruella de Vil. We went to the fabric store and found the Dalmatian print fabric. We made our dresses by cutting slits that line up with each other and tying knots up the entire back (make sure to leave extra length because the dress shortens when you tie it tight). We used ribbon for our collars and wrote our names on them.

We all picked names of our dogs and it was my birthday that night so I stood out by putting a spot over my eye. We used extra fabric to make little bows for our hair to make ourselves look like lady pups. Our costumes did not fully come together until Cruella was complete; she was the icing on the cake. We teased her whole head and pinned it up to make it look crazy and then dyed her hair white. Her attire was created by digging through our five closets to get all the pieces necessary (fur coat, black dress, pearls).

Her boyfriend didn’t know what to be, so last minute we made him into a dog. We took fabric and made a poncho then gave him a red bandanna to make the costume more masculine. We went out together and saw other puppies but no other Cruella. Everyone told us that ours was the most well thought out and that we looked cute especially with “Cruella” calling for her puppies through the bar, and us barking back. We had a great time doing this costume and really got into character.

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