Coolest Cruella DeVille Costume

The idea to be Cruella deVil and a dalmatian started as a joke between me and my friend, Brett, but the more we thought about it, the more plausible and original it seemed. So we got started on our Homemade Cruella DeVille Costume.

For the dalmatian, he bought a white sweatshirt, but had trouble finding white sweatpants. He eventually found white scrub pants–who knew it’d be so hard. We really searched for a couple of days for white pants! Anyway, we got some black acrylic paint and made the spots all over. He made the ears out of felt, one white, one black with pink felt on the inside and attached them to the hood. And of course a tail that he saftey pinned on (and everyone kept pulling on all night.) He cut out thumb holes in a pair of white socks for his hands and looped a red ribbon with an old dog tag and tied it around his neck. We topped it off with the doggy makeup! The tongue hanging out was hilarious.

Cruella took a lot less effort. My mother has boxes of Halloween costume clothes and in it I found a black dress that had some beaded design on it. The shape of the dress and color was what I wanted but I didn’t need the beading. I simply turned it inside out and it was perfect! Mom also had the white faux fur wrap, red gloves, a cigarette holder and the mini boa type thing I draped around my neck. Brett’s mom, luckily, had the Cruella wig from when she was Cruella a couple years before. I found a big blue costume ring, like Cruella wears in the cartoon movie and wore big blue earrings and shiny red high heels I already owned. The idea to do my makeup so elaborate was last minute. We were looking at pictures of Cruella and had just finished Brett’s dalmation face when one of my friend’s insisted we could make it work. We whited out my eyebrows and drew on the high thin ones and exaggerated everything. The look was perfect!

We ended up winning a few best pair contests and we had a blast. Brett also said, he’s never had a more comfortable costume in his life.

Homemade Cruella DeVille Costume

Homemade Cruella DeVille Costume

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